‘Transforming Minds, Transforming lives’

If you are on this page, you are more than likely looking at using Mind magic for yourself or somebody you know. Below is an explanation of what Mind Magic is and how it can add huge value for you and others.

What is Mind magic?

Mind magic is an on line tool which will enable you to have greater self- awareness around your mindset and thinking habits, and how your mindset, or thinking habits can inhibit you or hold you back.  It will also show you how you can move past your limitations and play to your strengths, being at your best more of the time.

As mindset drives everything that we do, Mind Magic can have far reaching benefits for our health and wellbeing, our confidence, our relationships and our careers.

How can you use Mind Magic?

As an individual, you can take our online diagnostic and receive a personalised report which will be automatically emailed to you.

With the gold package you can also download our book and workbook.

We recommend the Platinum package.  In the platinum package, in addition to the report and the downloadable book, you also receive a telephone coaching session.

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Silver Package
Our basic package for awareness and understanding’

The silver package will provide you with:-

  • A clear explanation of your thinking habits and how these effect the way you feel and behave.
  • The likely impact on you, others and your life.
  • How your thinking is holding you back.
  • The fears and beliefs which underpin them.
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Click here and take The Mind Magic Diagnostic

Gold Package
Our solutions package for the power to change

Everything you have in Silver, plus A development workbook to show you how to:

  • Reduce the negative thinking patterns and negative results.
  • Re-programme your thinking for better results.
  • Play to your strengths.
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Click here and take The Mind Magic Diagnostic

Platinum Package
The Ultimate Magic

Everything in Gold, plus A coaching session (via skype or telephone) to really help you to maximise your potential.

You may decide to then book on to a 1 day intensive or 2 day retreat to really bring about greater transformation and to teach you how to really master your mind.

Why use Mind Magic?

‘Because wherever you go, there you are.’

Wherever we go, there we are, always having an impact.  Therefore investing in you, and developing your self awareness and your ability to choose your mindset and ‘your state’, can only improve how you show up and the impact you have.  This can have huge positive impacts on all aspects of our life.

The potential benefits from Mind magic are limitless.  However, you are likely to:

  • Gain greater self awareness.
  • Manage your emotions more effectively.
  • Think more clearly.
  • Increase your resilience.
  • Improve your self- motivation.
  • Improve your self -confidence.
  • Increase your energy.
  • Feel more empowered.
  • Feel happier.