If you are on this page, you are more than likely looking at using Mind magic for the people in your organisation.  Below is an explanation of what Mind Magic is and how it can add huge value for you and your people.

What is Mind magic?

Mind magic is an on line tool which will enable your people to have greater self- awareness around their mindset and thinking habits, and how that mindset, or thinking habits can inhibit them or hold them back.  It will also show them how they can move past their limitations and play to their strengths, being at their best more of the time and releasing more potential into your organisation.

How can you use Mind Magic?

Mind Magic has many applications, and therefore you may decide to work with us in a number of different ways.  Here are some typical ways we can work with you and your organisation:

Pre-work for Leadership Event

On line diagnostic report, downloadable pre read and telephone coaching as pre-work to a leadership development or learning event.

Stand Alone Coaching Package

On line diagnostic report, developmental workbook and one to one coaching sessions.

Module as part of a leadership or personal development programme

We can deliver one or two day workshops as part of your development programme.

A package in a wellness programme

The diagnostic report, reading, workbook and coaching can all be available as part of a wellness programme.

Pre work for a Leadership Development Event.

Mind is crucial for effective leadership and performance.  Mind magic is great for building self awareness and engagement prior to a leadership or personal development event.  The coaching and workbook can also build emotional competence.  All of the tools can be done remotely anywhere in the world as it is an online tool.  Including telephone coaching will really maximise learning.

Stand alone Coaching Package

Mind magic works well as a stand alone coaching package for people at all levels of the organisation.
The process would start with the diagnostic and then a series of coaching sessions would follow, supported by the reading and workbook.

Module of a Learning Programme

Our experience tells us that people at all levels of organisations love Mind magic, from front line staff, graduates to senior managers.  Many development programmes are skill and behaviour based, which is useful.  However, when you add in a mindset element, employees report higher confidence, motivation and capability.
We have coaches that can work with senior executives and make the application of Mind Magic to leadership.

As part of a Employee Wellbeing Programme.

Mind magic allows employees to assess how their mindset might be impacting their mental and/or physical health in a negative way.  Sometimes this awareness is enough to change and move forward.  Mind Magic also offers employees tools, strategies to make positive changes.

We can also design something completely be-spoke for your organisation and your needs.

Please get in touch if you would like to speak with us further.  We would be delighted to hear from you.

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